DARPA Switching Networks and Conley-Morse Index for Modeling Systems of Systems Award

DARPA DSO has announced an award to Geometric Data Analytics, Inc. for Switching Networks and Conley-Morse Index for Modeling Systems.  The award amount is $611,000.

This contract was awarded under the DSO Office Wide BAA, number DARPA-BAA-16-46.

DARPA Secure Handhelds on Assured Resilient networks at the tactical Edge (SHARE) Proposers Day

DARPA has announced the Secure Handhelds on Assured Resilient networks at the tactical Edge (SHARE) Proposers Day through the Special Notice DARPA-SN-17-16.  The objective of the Secure Handhelds on Assured Resilient networks at the tactical Edge (SHARE) program is to develop the technology for multilevel secure information sharing across tactical wireless networks to enhance tactical coordination between U. S. and coalition partners.

SHARE will “develop and integrate software and networking technologies to create secure information systems that operate at multiple security and releasability levels. SHARE will build upon existing commercial handheld devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets) and existing infrastructure (e.g., cellular and Wi-Fi networks). Because they are commonly available, these technologies make rapid and widespread deployment possible and thereby facilitate greater information exchange among U.S. and coalition forces. Specifically, SHARE will secure tactical mobile handheld devices to support distributed multilevel information sharing without the need for reaching back to large-scale fixed infrastructure, create new networks based on resilient and secure architectures that work in challenging environments, and develop software that rapidly configures security across the network. Based on these technology innovations, the program will demonstrate a quickly deployable secure multilevel network through which US and coalition tactical operators can share information while maintaining the security of sensitive information, safety of operations, and integrity of U.S. systems.”

Secure Handhelds on Assured Resilient networks at the tactical Edge (SHARE) program on January 31, 2017 at The MITRE Corporation, 7515 Colshire Dr, McLean, VA.  Participants must register no later than 4PM E on January 25, 2017 at https://darpa.solers.com/share/.


ONR Energetic Materials Award

ONR has announced an award to ATK Launch Systems, Inc. for Energetic Materials.  The award amount is $984,373.

Department of Homeland Security SBIR

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program, comprised of the Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate’s SBIR Program and the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office’s (DNDO) have released an SBIR on homeland security‐related areas.  The solicitation number is HSHQDC-17-R-00010.

DHS S&T Directorate topics  include the following:

  • H‐SB017.1‐001 – Enhanced Agent Situational Awareness in Dismounted, Low Light/Adverse Conditions
  • H-SB017.1-003 – Do Not Spoof Services for Modern Telephony
  • H-SB017.1-004 – Identity Verification & Validation for Mobile Networks Authentication Enhancement
  • H-SB016.1-005 – Blockchain Applications for Homeland Security Missions
  • H-SB017.1-006 – Wearable Chemical Sensor Badge
  • H-SB017.1-007 – Over-the-air Authentication Technology for Messaging via Emergency Alerts

DNDO topics include the following:

  • H-SB017.1-008 – Accelerated Crystal-Size Scale-Up Development of Thallium-based, High Efficiency, Dual or Tri-Mode Elpasolite Scintillator
  • H-SB017.1-009 – Unattended Radiation Detection System

Proposals can be for up to $100,000 and 6 months in duration.  Proposals are due January 18, 2017.

AFRL Materials and Processing for Expendable Hypersonic Vehicles Award

AFRL Wright-Patterson has announced the award for Materials and Processing for Expendable Hypersonic Vehicles.  The awardee is Materials Research and Design, Inc. of Wayne, PA.  The award amount is $1,753,610.

DARPA SBIR Phase 2 Award to Descartes Labs

DARPA has announced a SBIR Phase 2 award to Descartes Labs, Inc for Satellite imagery analysis for automated global food security forecasting.  The award amount is $484,193.

DARPA Biological Control Award

DARPA BTO has announced an award to Columbia University, New York for the Biological Control Program, BAA number DARPA-BAA-16-17.  The award amount is $3,013,454 with not to exceed options of $4,602,696.

The Biological Control Program program will “demonstrate tools to rationally design and implement multiscale, closed-loop control of biological systems, through the development of biological controllers, testbeds to evaluate control of system-level behavior, and theory and models to predict and design effective control strategies. The resulting capabilities will be inherently generalizable to a variety of biological systems. Successful teams will integrate and apply these capabilities to demonstrate a practical proof-of-principle biological solution to a proposer-defined application relevant to the DoD.”

The program manager is Dr. Elizabeth Strychalski.

AFRL Award for High Power MWIR Lasers on Silicon

AFRL has announced an award to the University of California, Santa Barbara for High Power MWIR Lasers on Silicon.  The award amount is $1,045,000.

ONR Electronic Warfare Technology BAA

The Office of Naval Research has released a BAA on Electronic Warfare Technology, BAA number N00014-17-S-B008.  The goal of Electronic Warfare (EW) is to control the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) by exploiting, deceiving, or denying enemy use of the spectrum while ensuring its use by friendly forces.

ONR Code 312 Electronic Warfare (312EW) seeks proposals to develop and demonstrate technologies for the next generation systems in electronic warfare. The following research areas are of interest:

  • Subsystem Demonstrator for EO/IR Beam Steering at Multiple Wavelengths
  • Intelligent EW Subsystem Demonstrator (SSD)
  • Networked EW Concepts
  • Innovative Counter Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C-ISR) Concepts
  • Innovative EW Concepts

White papers are due February 21, 2017 and full proposals are due February 21, 2017.

ONR Award for Submarine Mid-Frequency Active Processing Extension

The Office of Naval Research has announced an award to Applied Research Laboratories in Austin, TX for the Submarine Mid-Frequency Active Processing Extension program.  The award amount is $820,240.