DARPA TTO Innovative Systems for Military Missions BAA

DARPA TTO has released the Innovative Systems for Military Missions BAA, DARPA-BAA-16-31.  The Tactical Technology Office is seeking executive summaries, white papers and proposals for advanced research, development and demonstration of innovative systems for military missions. Full proposals are due by April 28, 2017.

TTO seeks responses in the following focus areas:

1. Ground Systems

  • Soldier/Squad Technologies
  • Combat Vehicles
  • Tactical Operations in Urban and Complex Environments

2. Maritime/Undersea Systems

  • Expanded Platform Performance and Cross Domain Applications
  • Defense of Maritime Forces

3. Air Systems

  • Novel Air Vehicles
  • Hypersonic Platforms

4. Space Systems

  • Spacecraft Technologies
  • Space Situational Awareness
  • Systems for Access
  • Future Space Operations and Architectures

TTO strongly encourages proposers to first submit a 1 page executive summary before submitting a white paper or proposal. Executive summaries will be reviewed as they are received. Based on the review of the executive summary proposers with be encouraged to submit a 6 page white paper before submitting a full proposal.  A program manager may be in contact with a proposer to further discuss the idea in an executive summary or white paper.

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