DARPA Insect Allies Proposers Day

DARPA BTO has announced the Insect Allies Proposers Day, DARPA-SN-16-73, Will be held on November 18, 2016.  The Insect Allies Program will “develop a system that utilizes naturally occurring plant viruses to deliver genes which confer new traits to mature crop plants.”

The Insect Allies program has three (3) technical areas:

  • Technical Area 1 will develop a plant virus that delivers a transgene to a target plant species.
  • Technical Area 2 will produce insect vectors for the modified virus to be transmitted to mature plants.
  • Technical Area 3 is the successful introduction of functional traits to mature plants.

Attendees may present a on-slide summary of their interests and capabilities during 3-minute “lightning” presentations.

The registration deadline for physical attendance is November 14, 2016. or the first 100.  Registration deadline for the webcast is also November 14th.  The registration web site is: http://www.sa-meetings.com/InsectAlliesProposersDay.  The location of the Proposers Day will be at the Executive Conference Center (ECC), 4075 Wilson Boulevard. Suite 350, Arlington, VA 22203.  The program manager is Dr. Blake Bextine.


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