The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) has released the Amon-Hen BAA, IARPA-BAA-17-02.  The Amon-Hen program seeks innovative, low-cost approaches for passive, ground-based interferometric imaging of GEO satellites.

“The Intelligence Community (IC) needs to ensure Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and monitor the operational status of US Government satellites in geosynchronous earth orbit (GEO). Capabilities that enhance our ability to visually monitor these satellites, particularly through passive, ground-based observation, will help address this need. These capabilities become more relevant as the total number of GEO satellites and the number of related objects (like spent fuel tanks and other debris) continue to grow and as existing GEO satellites approach the end of their operational lifetimes.

The IARPA Amon-Hen program seeks novel interferometric approaches that enable the development of low-cost imaging systems (overall system cost reductions of greater than one order of magnitude) without significantly impacting other performance capabilities when compared to existing designs.

The Amon-Hen program is envisioned as a 33-month effort that is intended to begin by March 2018. Phase 1 will last for a period of 15 months and will focus on the development of component technologies, the development of physics-based system modeling capabilities, and the development of image reconstruction algorithms. Phase 2 will be 18 months and will focus on further maturation of component technologies and subsystems to bread board capabilities enabling an end-of-phase, open sky measurement. Following the conclusion of Phase 1, down selection is possible for a variety of reasons including but not limited to underperformance. Program progress will be periodically assessed to justify program continuation. Successful completion of Phase 2 efforts may result in an additional funding opportunity to advance the results of Phase 2 to a full demonstration. The actual goals and metrics for this potential full demonstration effort will be determined at that time.”

Multiple awards are anticipated. Proposals are due August 11, 2017.  Merrick DeWitt is the Program Manager.



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