DARPA Program Manager Dr. Lori Adornato

Dr. Lori Adornato started as a DARPA program manager in the Biological Technologies Office (BTO) in July, 2017.  Before joining DARPA she worked at SRI International where she developed and fielded optics-based marine instruments.

Dr. Adornato’s interests at DARPA include “interpretation of organismal behavior and development of bio-inspired materials, as well as platforms and systems for marine sensing applications.”  ResearchGate list’s 17 publications and 1 patent for her.

She received her Doctor of Philosophy degree and Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from the University of South Florida.

One thought on “DARPA Program Manager Dr. Lori Adornato

  1. Randy Baadhio

    Lots of success!
    Hopefully, great work and discoveries would happen under your tenure.
    These are extraordinary and exciting times for Biology. I personally foresee significant breakthroughs, soon regarding, genes’ fundamental structure and fabric. Furthermore, the mysteries surrounding the brain and its core functions, are likely to unravel thanks to multi-disciplinary applications, collaborations, experiments.
    These are truly exciting times to live, to witness, and to contribute to, for Biology is undergoing a profound mutation under our very own eyes.


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